Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy

Whether overweight or suffering a particular disease, every individual needs a personalized nutritional plan. Age, sex, diseases, prescribed medicine, physical activity, blood values, hereditary traits, emotional state, sleep, working hours, and access to food are some of the important parameters that directly affect your nutritional habits. Therefore, your lifestyle should be considered as a whole when developing a personalized nutritional plan. Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy aims for the least amount of medicine usage while recovering from diseases, at the same time providing protection to the body from further diseases. An ideal medical nutritional therapy should offer easily applicable permanent solutions. And at the root of permanency lies Behavior Modification Therapy and Nutrition Education.


Behavior Modification Therapy

The aim of the Behavior Modification Therapy is to make the diet a lifestyle habit. Otherwise, diet can go no further than being a piece of paper. Nowadays, unfortunately, thousands of diet lists are easily reachable on internet, newspapers, books and magazines. However, the problem here is not about the ingredients of the diet list. For a permanent and healthy solution, the behavior modification therapy should be applied. The most important part of the behavior modification therapy is regular control and nutrition education.


Nutrition Education

During the 1 hour consultation and the following weekly controls, patients are educated on nutrition using written and visual aids. For questions or other problems, consultancy via phone or SMS is also possible. In this way, the dependency on the diet list decreases day by day and the diet becomes easier to follow. The aim of nutrition education is to ensure that the food selection takes place correctly for a lifetime, being special to the patient and his/her illness history, since sustainability is the key element for weight loss and medical nutritional therapies.